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World Wild ZOOM

World Wild ZOOM

Wildlife Photo Guides

World Wild Zoom specializes in a unique collection of photographic guide-book applications for iPad, using world-class images -all taken in natural, wild situations- shown in a book like format with priority given to the photography. We also include complete information, range maps and vocalizations as pop-up features for those who wish to learn more about the fauna or flora in the image.

New pocket field guide for Ecuador

New pocket field guide for Ecuador

Our partner ( Lelis Navarrete ) and senior guide who has been working with us 20 years ago has published in conjunction with Miles Macmoullan this unique and superb efficient guide : Field Book of Birds of Ecuador. I have found this a very unique and useful tool for all beginners, visitors, birders, or people in general willing to learn and admire the amazing birds of Ecuador.

NEBLINA FOREST , was a great help to Noah on his big year 2015

Birding Without Borders

Day 65: Entering Ecuador

Noah returns to a familiar country, and breaks the 1,500-mark.

March 6, 2015, Quito, Ecuador — I landed in Quito at 2:30 a.m., and a local birder named Xavier Munoz was waiting at the airport. He took me straight to the Puembo Birding Garden, an accommodation he runs with his wife Mercedes, where I grabbed two hours of sleep before Mercedes was up with breakfast and coffee at 5:15 a.m. Xavier had arranged for me to spend the day with a sharp, thirty-something Ecuadorian birder named Manuel Sanchez, who arrived at Puembo with a driver named Jose at 5:30, and we headed off to explore the cloud forest.

Guajalito Reserve

Neblina Forest has been a leader in environmental habitat protection, and this has been a guiding principle since the beginning of the company. In 1998 we purchased 100 hectares of primary forest bordering the Guajalito Reserve on the old road between Quito and Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

Ecuador News

Ecuador News

I first visited Ecuador in August 2012 for a week, drawn by the prospect of seeing Spectacled Bears and Mountain Tapirs in the Andes, topped of with a range of nice primates in the Napo Valley.



We at Neblina Forest are promoting ecotourism as a strong tool for Conservation. We have been doing so the last 20 years in our professional career.

BBWF 2012

Fourteen Years Now

NEBLINA FOREST Birding Tours has been attending to the British Birdwatching Fair in Rutland Water since 1998. We feel this is one of the reasons of our success with the British market as this festival is not only the largest but one of the most exciting and attractive in the world for bird and nature lovers.

Argentinian Trips

We just opened our operation in this wonderful country

Our staff:

Elena Benalcazar (Operation Manager)

I'm 30 years old and Ecuadorian by birth, now living in Argentina with my husband Leo and my toddler Mateo (both Argentineans).