Neblina Forest Birding Tours

BBWF 2012

Fourteen Years Now

NEBLINA FOREST Birding Tours has been attending to the British Birdwatching Fair in Rutland Water since 1998. We feel this is one of the reasons of our success with the British market as this festival is not only the largest but one of the most exciting and attractive in the world for bird and nature lovers.

The first years we attended, our packages were only focused on bird watching Ecuador. Today, we display our trips to Central and South America. This year we will not be an exception as we bring the latest from our repertoire of trips to Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and very specially our new destinations within Ecuador such as the Umbrella Bird tour which will not only show our clients this and other spectacular species but help the community of 23 de Junio save their forest.

Neblina Forest is convinced that our trips, our clients and the frequency of our visits to certain forest within Ecuador, have been a clue to conservation.