Neblina Forest Birding Tours


We at Neblina Forest are promoting ecotourism as a strong tool for Conservation. We have been doing so the last 20 years in our professional career.

We think that when we respect birds and their habitat, as well as nature in general, we not only preserve our land for our kids and grandkids but by doing so, we impact on the local people's economy.

Our guides, drivers, hotel owners, service providers and the rest of the people who are involved in servicing our clients are local actors involved in an effort to save our forests not only in Ecuador but in South America as a whole.

The task is huge, but we believe that if we unite efforts, it is possible. WE have seen it done. Our clients do not need to donate money, Just their presence in our South American countries as visitors has changed the way locals see nature as a source of income, hence, preventing its destruction.
Tourists provide jobs to many and help conservation by showing interest in our forests.

We like to support efforts of those who have invested more than money in salvaging the lives of birds and mammals such as the Spectacle Bear also known as Bear of the Andes as it is the only bear in South America. The Foundation I am talking about is MAQUIPUCUNA

People like Maquipucuna need to be encouraged in their endeavor of working for mother nature and the only way to do this is by visiting their lodge, enjoy their accommodations, and bird their trails.

Maquipucuna is a respectable organization working with local communities and saving areas of forest on the Western slope of the Cordillera de los Andes in Ecuador.

We would like to invite you to visit their web page and learn about them. They are serious , they love Ecuador and We like working with them . I hope in the long term we can reinforce our business relationship with them for a mutually beneficial future.