Neblina Forest Birding Tours

Guajalito Reserve

Neblina Forest has been a leader in environmental habitat protection, and this has been a guiding principle since the beginning of the company. In 1998 we purchased 100 hectares of primary forest bordering the Guajalito Reserve on the old road between Quito and Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

This forest reserve is home of many species of birds, a Cock of the Rock lek, and on the feeders we can enjoy sightings of the Hoary Puffleg. This property is located at 2000meters (6000 ft) to 4300meters (10,200ft). Tyras and other uncommon fauna thrive here. Oil company activity and transport passes near the property, but the area remains pristine as it has few (or no?) visitors now.

We need to support this area with visitors. It is a fact that the visit of birders and nature lovers has made a big difference in the conservation of other similar habitats because it changes the way the local people see their own forest and homes. It gives them a sense of pride to know that others appreciate their forests and this will provoke them to start to protect such places. Please check the work that the NGO, Fundacion Salvatierra, has undertaken there at the link below. Birdlife International has identified this area as an IBA as well. Also, have a look at our efforts there at the Neblina Forest link below as well..