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Wildlife Photo Guides

World Wild Zoom specializes in a unique collection of photographic guide-book applications for iPad, using world-class images -all taken in natural, wild situations- shown in a book like format with priority given to the photography. We also include complete information, range maps and vocalizations as pop-up features for those who wish to learn more about the fauna or flora in the image.

The first series we are launching covers the astounding diversity of the Birds of the Tropical Andes: a five-part volume, with the first being Birds of Ecuador, the second Hummingbirds of Ecuador, and from there we will complete the series with the birds of Colombia (# 3), Peru (# 4) and Bolivia (# 5). These beautiful Andean countries harbor the highest avian diversity in the world, with many of those legendary neotropical birds that nature lovers can now fully appreciate with the incredible resolution of the iPad.