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Colombia Cauca and Magdalena


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  • Trip extension: 12 days.
  • Average expected number of birds seen during the trip: 400 to 450 species
  • Colombian Vegetation Types Visited:9 out of 25
  • Total habitats visited: 12+
  • Suggested departure: December to March, July and August

I am Gustavo Cañas-Valle, and I will be your group leader during your trip to Colombia. I have been to Colombia since 1991 and, over these 15 years, I have developed close human relationships with many people there. More than half of them are birders. All of them, Colombians, have proved over the years to be simple and warm people who have supported unselfishly my trips and my sometimes extended stays. I have explored more than half of this country, its neblina covered forests, its mountains, its paramos, its lakes and its people, with their many positive and some negative faces. I have learned to love and to respect this country. It is under these considerations that Neblina Forest has accepted to support this very much desired birding destination: Colombia.

Birding Colombia

Colombia is one of the best birding destinations in South America along with Ecuador. Colombia supports more birds than any other country in the world. Ecuador, on the other hand, has the record of number of bird species per unit area. If you are planning to go Birding Colombia we will provide you with one of the safest options to visit the country and at the same time with the most personal one. My Colombian friends and I will take you with us to places where birding is safe and fun, and where your entrance fee, when required, will support conservation and social development through tourism. Our Colombian birder-friends will bring along to our trips recent news on where and when to go visit a location.

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