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Dear Xavier and all the Pantanal gang,

I am in the midst of a marathon work session working with Guy and others on the "Mata Atlantica" book, with only short opportunities available for email, but wanted to let you, Xavier, know how much I appreciated all the hard work you did in organizing this trip for us, especially in sorting out those first days in Brasilia and getting us to that great new area outside of the city with the manakin and the jacamar. And I will never forget that glorious view out over the marshlands from the tower looking toward the throngs of herons and ibis at the rookeries.

It was fun being with you all, and the trip was wonderful. Great memories for everyone, including me. May the jaguars and the macaws thrive there forever!

Best wishes,

UK BRAZIL Abril 2014, Ian Darling

Dear Xavier,

Now back home after a very enjoyable visit to the southern Pantanal. Lots of great birds and animals. All the arrangements worked perfectly and Alyson was a great guide for us . Very knowledgeable, excellent company and the birding trips, in terms of interest and duration were just what we wanted. My thanks to you for initiating all the arrangements and encouraging us to go even though it was just after the end of the wet season! I would be very happy to recommend our trip to others.

With kind regards

ECUADOR MARCH 2014, Anne Reichartt

Dear Xavier,

You are most kind and certainly a most cheerful, dedicated birding guide! Both John and I so much appreciated your enthusiasm, care and attention to all our needs and for leading us through rain and sun to meet all your feathered friends! We are amazed at your energy and patience with all our questions -- 'What was the name of the bird??' . . .how many time did we all ask that . . . Yikes!

A special thanks to Mercedes for navigating us through the missing luggage escapade! We couldn't have done that without her!

So, we made it back to Colorado without incident and our luggage arrived at the same time we did. We have spent many moments this morning reminiscing this spectacular trip -- all the trails and roads we birded and all the wonderful birds you shared with us -- Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will remember you always --

With great affection,
Ann and John


Hello Xavier and Mercedes,

I want to thank you for planning our trip to the Pantanal. It was a great experience and I was able to see some birds I have been waiting to see, such as the Jabiru, Agami Heron and Hyacinth Macaw. I loved all the places we stayed. It was such a nice variety. I was sorry to hear when we arrived in Rio that Xavier, you had broken your leg. I hope it is healing well and you are not too uncomfortable. The replacement guide Alyson Melo was very good. He knows the birds well and all the calls. He was patient and tried to answer all our questions and had many interesting anecdotes and information about the birds-Sungrebes have pouches under their wings to carry their young?? I did get some very nice photos, and if I make any paintings I will try to email them to you. Thank you very much for all your efforts.

Audrey Lynn Evers

Ecuador Melani king, October 2013

Hello Xavier and Mercedes,

I've finally caught my breath after arriving home on Saturday and attending to the mail and other things that await one after a trip. Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know what a wonderful experience I had during my two weeks in your country. People at work have asked me about my trip and I tell them it was perfect: The birds, the food, the people, everything. I feel fortunate that my Ecuador birding experience was led by you Xavier. And Mercedes, your hospitality made me feel so welcome and comfortable. My time at Puembo Birding Gardens was very relaxing - watching the birds and drinking coffee and juice. A perfect combination.

Melani king, October 2013

Paul and Sylvia Brazil October 2013

Dear all,

By the end of the holiday we had amassed 305 bird species with the addition of maroon-belted parakeet, green-headed tanager, flame-crested tanager, yellow-lored tody-tyrant, double-collared seedeater and the Rio version of the channel-billed toucan (surely this is a candidate for splitting!!). Thanks once again to Xavier for his excellent guiding and we look forward to seeing him again next August. Attached is the best of the two photos taken of the group at the start of the Transpantaneira. The sign is in focus but we aren't – did we all move? Also the ascent of the dreaded spiral tower.

Thank you all for your company on the trip.

Best wishes,
Paul and Sylvia

Wilf Powell Brazil- pantanal. Iguazu Sept 2013

Dear Xavier,

Many thanks for leading a great trip, with some wonderful bird and mammal sightings. Having studied the list, Julia and I saw 300 bird species during the trip with you, plus Magnificent Frigatebird and Brown Booby on our way to the airport in Rio on the first day. Our extension to Iguazu was wonderful, adding another 54 bird species and giving us a final total of 356 birds, of which 164 were lifers for me. We also saw 18 identified mammal species plus 2 bat species and 2 unidentified small mammals seen briefly in the undergrowth or racing across the path.

It will take me some time to sort all my photos but I will send you a selection when I have finished.


Dear Xavier,

1/On behalf of all participants of our wonderfull September 2013 trip in Brazil (Pantanal , Cerrado, Sanctuario ...), ....I can say that we all are extremely grateful to Yo, dear Xavier !!

You are a fantastic tour leader, not only a perfect organizer , a perfect planner, a correct and very motivated and energetic and excellent all round nature guide , ...but especially , You have an amazing "encyclopedic" knowledge of all the birds and bird songs of Brazil (and many other South American countries as we know ...).
Your telescopic eyes and very sensitive ears , enabled us to see and hear... about 300 bird species !

Warm and gratefull feelings, and kind regards, from Belgium ! Johan Verbanck (and the other tour participants )

Nigel Melbourne Ecuador July 2013

Kelly (Xavier)

Alan and I should like to thank you very much for the faultless arrangements that you put together for our recent holiday in Ecuador. It was a marvellous visit and we'll have no hesitation in recommending the Neblina Forest team to friends and acquaintances who may wish to visit in future.

Well done and thank you,
Nige Milbourne