Neblina Forest Birding Tours

Ecuador - ANDES AMAZON EXOTIC - March 2007 - Veenstra Group from Holland 2007-05-12

Ecuador is a great country for bird watching. It has an amazing biodiversity. Neblina Forest organizes bird watching tours to places varying from the highland (altitude close to 4000 m.) to the Amazonian forest. In 16 days we've spotted more than 500 bird species, which is a third of the total number of species in Ecuador. We've even seen an owl which is still unidentified [to be described for science, at San Isidro Lodge].

The bird guides are incredible. They hear and see a lot and they can show the location of the birds by using laser light. They play back registered songs of the birds to attract the birds. It's very nice when they manage to show a specific bird through their telescope. The guides know where to go to look for some rare bird species. Our tour has been very well organized by Neblina Forest. We can recommend their tours to any bird fan. H.W. Veenstra & A.H. Veenstra