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November 2010 Monica Bradburry. Ecuador

Dear Xavier,

Just wanting to let you know that we arrived save and sound in Germany on Wednesday.
I also want to thank you for the excellent guide. Willy was exceptional, we saw more than 320 species of birds, 280 of them by the time we reached San Isidro. The best lodge was Sachatamia, we thought, also the birding in the Mindo area was better than around Guango, San Isidro, the weather, by the way, as well. It rained every day at San Isidro and the trails were very muddy. Papallacta, on the other hand, was very nice, the hot springs were relaxing and the food very good. We even saw a rare tanager in the nature reserve, a Masked - Mountain Tanager

Well, all in all a rewarding and interesting trip and we are planning to come again, maybe in 2 years time and then do the south. Thanks again for all your help and assistance,


Bird-watching in Ecuador

Y. Takahashi/ Sapporo/Japan

 In the bird-watching monthly magazine “Birder Japan” of September & October in 2009 I had read the feature articles “Ecuador is the paradise for bird-watching”. I knew that birds in Ecuador are registered more than 1,600 species, and there are 60 lodges and more, so I had desire when I take the opportunity, I would go to Ecuador at all costs.

And the chance became fast unexpectedly, this September we could arrived at Quito with 12 bird watching members. This tour was composed 7 nights 8 days stayed five lodges where were located near Quito. We came across birds more than 200 species, so that we were satisfied very much with this result. I could watched almost birds that I expected, for example, only hummingbirds counted more than 38 species, and the others Condor, Andean cock of the rock, Giant Antpitta, Channel-billed Toucan, Masked Trogon, two species of Quetzal etc. Andean Hillstar and Tawny Antpitta with those we met on a point of 4,000 m above sea level gave me strong impression.

Petra (with Manfred) (Peru)

Dear Xavier,

back to work and very busy, so the days pass... but just thought I have to write to you and give you a brief feedback on our tour. I'm sure you heard a lot from Lelis already. The tour was extraordinary succesful and we can only highly recommend Lelis. He really knows all the calls and he showed us an amount of new birds that we never would have expected to see. Both of us got ca. 240 lifer and we have already been very succesful in Ecuador, as you know. I sometimes thought, Lelis can not only hear but sense the birds... His knowledge and field brilliance is outstanding. We travelled a lot all over the globe but Lelis is one of the best, that's for sure.

Warm regards
Petra (with Manfred)

Ted Floyd April 2010 (Ecuador)

Hi, all.

Just a few quick stats. I went over our checklist more carefully, and we came up with 321 species for the 8 days, including 44 hummingbirds, 44 tanagers, 21 flycatchers, and 51 (!) other suboscines.

Thanks to Xavier and everybody for a wonderful trip.

More soon,
All best,

Keith and Cheryl Chamberlain April 2010


What went well? What exceeded your expectations?

Xavier was great. Very knowledgeable and personable. He was excellent at finding birds, getting us to new locales, and patient in repeating species names over and over as we tried to remember them. (So many new names coming in such a rush!) He also worked very hard to see that everyone in the group had a chance to see the birds he'd found for us. We felt, as I'm sure each person did, that he was sometimes giving us extra special consideration. This is the mark of an excellent leader. He also did a good job of explaining about the different habitats.

Sept 2009 Client: Tom Burke ( USA )

Hi, Lelis and Xavier,

A quick note to say that I agree that it was a great trip, and, Lelis, I’m sorry that we got to Miami before you got home to Quito – our flights went fairly smoothly. And in Miami I did step outside the airport where Mr. Guy was smoking and saw my first Eurasian Collared-Doves.

Thanks for your photos, Lelis – Gail will be reviewing hers for a while (there are so many), but we’ll send some down when ready.

Regarding the trip arrangements, I was actually glad to spend a night at the Manu Cloud Forest Lodge to see what it was like – quite an interesting place. I thought everything else worked out very well; moving about didn’t bother me at all. Perhaps, to avoid the problems that we encountered at Bosque Unchog, could that be run as a day trip from Huanaco? It is a great site, but most potential visitors would probably find the arrangements a little uncomfortable as is. It would require a very early start but could probably work that way. The Tarma place worked out fine as well.

I am already looking forward to another trip with Lelis, wherever it might be to, and I thank you both for making this adventure as enjoyable as it was for Gail and myself.

Best regards,

David Fisher 2009-02-09

Dear Mercedes and Xavier,

I'm now back home and getting on top of things again, even though my flat is surrounded by deep snow! I wanted to thank you both most sincerely for all your help on my recent visit to Ecuador. You were very generous in allowing me to travel on the tour at the leader's rate, and I also really appreciated you arranging the extra days for me in the Mindo area.

That extension went very well. Fabian's father, Jorge, picked me up from Quito and took me to Alambi, then Fabian took over. The weather wasn't kind though, and as Xavier already knows we failed to make it through to Sachatambia that first night, being forced to return to Alambi instead.

Tom, Jo Heindel and Kelli Levinson August 2009 Ecuador

Dear Xavier and Mercedes,

While this letter of gratitude is late, it is because of another trip a couple of weeks after our return from Ecuador, and we needed to write you both more than a quick “Thank You.” The planning and expertise you brought to our trip made it absolutely perfect. Matching us with Edwin Herrera was pure genius. He fit into the group like an old friend; his sense of humor and appreciation of our needs, both birding and personal, was uncanny. His driving skills are unequaled and we were most appreciative of his concern for our well-being and security.

Trevor Jones ( UK ) August 2009 Ecuador

Dear Xavier

We wanted to write to say what a fantastic time we had on our trip to Ecuador during July/August 2009. Your organisation of the tour was first class and we were particularly pleased with your flexibility in rearranging the first few nights following the delay of our flights.

We enjoyed all of the lodges you suggested but perhaps our favourites were Wild Sumaco (what a setting!) and Pacoche. Of course the food at San Isidro was just amazing!

Thank you.
Trevor and Ann Jones (UK)