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Ecuador - ANTPITTA'S TRIP - December 2007 Ann T. Forster Group 2007-12-14

We finally dragged in from Miami last night. We were sorry that we didn't have a chance to visit with you two on Sunday.[..] Both our trips were super. Dan snapped over a 1000 pictures which he is now editing. Some of the hummingbirds at Tapichalaca are spectacular. He also took pictures of fishing boats, fishing villages, fish nets, fishermen, and fish. We were sorry not to have a chance to thank you, Xavier for your leadership.

You were so good with Dan and I know Dan's fall made your work even harder. We are all planning another trip and if you decide to have something down at the Orange-throated Tanager place, Marilyn Milek and I might do that together. Keep us informed on that. The day we went to the southeast side of Podocarpus was a real treat. We are so thankful that you are identifying and saving some of these precious places. Love to our Neblina family, Ann

Ecuador/Peru - BI-NATIONAL BIRDING TRIP - July 2007 2007-10-09


Greetings from Germany. > We enjoyed those four weeks in June and July in Southern America very much - two weeks with Lelis in Southern Ecuador and two weeks with Xavier and Willy in Northern Peru. > Our tour was really great - fantastic birds, excellent leaders, good accommodation, superb itinerary - and always good mood and lot of fun. > We can warmly recommend NEBLINA FOREST to anyone planning a birding tour to Southern America. > We certainly will come to another tour with NEBLINA FOREST in the near future. --- Best wishes Manfred, Anne, Michael and Jutta from Germany


Hi everyone:

Colombia is now an accessible and safe birding journey for people to enjoy the beauty, warmth and incredible endemics with itineraries offered by Neblina forest birding company of Ecuador. Gustavo Canas-Valle is a fine birder and planner who will make your trip rewarding and really show the wonders of the country and it's people as well as great birding locales and habitats. He is a fountain of information not only about the birds but the culture and history of places you visit in the country.

I just returned from an 11 day whirlwind trip visiting selected locations from Cauca and Magdalena valleys as well as a flight to Santa Marta region in the north for incredible birding on the coastal areas, mangroves and the Santa Marta mountains for incredible scenery and many endemics. Highlights there were the Santa Marta brush finch, Santa Marta mountain-tanager, Santa Marta parakeet, Santa Marta antpitta, White-tailed quetzal, Blossomcrown, among several Caribean coast specialties and Colombian endemics. If you want to have a wonderful birding tour which will fill you with memories and a need to return to colorful Colombia many times you cannot go wrong with Neblina Forest Colombia tours. Regards Bob August 7th, 2007

Ecuador - ANDES AMAZON EXOTIC - March 2007 - Veenstra Group from Holland 2007-05-12

Ecuador is a great country for bird watching. It has an amazing biodiversity. Neblina Forest organizes bird watching tours to places varying from the highland (altitude close to 4000 m.) to the Amazonian forest. In 16 days we've spotted more than 500 bird species, which is a third of the total number of species in Ecuador. We've even seen an owl which is still unidentified [to be described for science, at San Isidro Lodge].

The bird guides are incredible. They hear and see a lot and they can show the location of the birds by using laser light. They play back registered songs of the birds to attract the birds. It's very nice when they manage to show a specific bird through their telescope. The guides know where to go to look for some rare bird species. Our tour has been very well organized by Neblina Forest. We can recommend their tours to any bird fan. H.W. Veenstra & A.H. Veenstra

Ecuador - SOUTHERN ECUADOR - February 2007 - Robert S. Ridgely Group 2007-03-13

Dear Xavier:

We had a wonderful trip with Bob [Robert Ridgely] in Ecuador, thanks to your big efforts. I will definitely be back with a group and we should talk about that in a couple of weeks. Today I leave again for a 12 day trip to Belize. [...] Please send me an email with some thoughts on me returning with a group (6-8 people) next winter, one year from now, for a visit to northern Ecuador and the Amazon. I would want you or Lelis to be our guide, if possible. Many thanks. Rob Robert A. Quinn Merlin Enterprises

Ecuador - UMBRELLA BIRD TOUR - November 2006 - Howard & Mary Armson 2007-01-07

Dear Xavier:

Very many thanks for the wonderful Umbrella bird pictures they are truly amazing and we are so pleased that we were there when you took them - it was a privilege to be in that pristine cloud forest so close to that remarkable bird - which was entirely due to your expert guiding - a really unforgetable moment !1 We look forward to receiving your brochure and really appreciate your quick response to our message - we hope you have a very successful New Year thanks for your good wishes . Best wishes, Howard & Mary Armson