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David Pearson Colombia Feb 2013.

Neblina hit another home run with my tour to the Cauca Valley of Colombia this February. We found more than 420 species of birds in 10 days, including 40 of my target species. Alejandro Solano was spectacular as always with not only the birds but with plants, general natural history and insight into knowing exactly what I wanted to do and see. Gustavo Cañas was more than just the driver and a great addition to the tour as well. Colombia is exciting, accessible, and opening up fast. Where else can you go and see two species that don't even have a scientific name yet officially described for them? I guess that Colombia will quickly become the leading destination for birders wanting to search for the many endemic species as well as be treated to the wonderfully open and friendly people that live there.

David L Pearson
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-4501
dpearson at

Jean & John Harding Feb 2013

Dear Xavier and Mercedes,

Thank you both so much for taking us out to supper on Saturday night. (It already seems a life time ago!) It was such a pleasure to meet Mercedes and we much enjoyed your good company. What a fun way to spend our last evening and what a delicious meal! All the meals in Ecuador have been excellent.

So, thank you both very much for a wonderful holiday. It is going to rate as one of the best, and we will savour our memories and hope for another trip to South America before too long.

Very best wishes,
Jean & John

Lucy Duncan Ecuador January 2013.

Greetings from the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico!

We arrived home to very springlike weather. Today was in the low 70s (F), but overnight we will have stormy weather and a shift to being quite cold.

Our last days at Sacha Tamia were fabulous. We were able to identify almost all the birds we saw, and I also got splendid photos of a number of them, including the Green-fronted Lancebill. We absolutely love Sacha Tamia, and plan to return there again.

Lucy and Bob Duncan
Gulf Breeze, Florida

Derek Moore – Conservationist & Ornithologist

Derek Moore Conservationist & Ornithologist

I recently spent two weeks with friends touring the Pantanal and some other sites in Brazil which was organized by Neblina Forest Tours. Thanks to Xavier Munoz we enjoyed perhaps the best wildlife experience ever. His diligence and expertise helped us to see almost 300 bird species as well as great views of Jaguars, Giant River otters and Brazilian Tapirs. His energy and leadership ensured that a tight schedule was achieved with the minimum of discomfort.

Thank you
Xavier we will never forget the Pantanal.

David S. Wilcove, Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Xavier and Jose Antonio, A great trip

I wanted to let you know how much Jacob and I enjoyed our trip to Lago Junin and Bosque Unchog. Victor was extraordinarily capable and helpful; our driver Antonio was excellent; and the local guides Cesar (Lago Junin) and Reyes (Bosque Unchog) were knowledgeable and helpful. Cesar in particular literally dragged me in a kayak through a kilometer or so of mud at Lago Junin to show me the grebe.

"I want to thank Neblina Forest for a fantastic trip to Lago Junin and Bosque Unchog. We saw virtually every bird we hoped to see, thanks to the Neblina team and its network of local guides. I look forward to future trips with Neblina Forest."

David S. Wilcove, Princeton, New Jersey

Evelyn Ebsworth March 2012

Dear Xavier,

Many thanks for your message. We are now safely back at home, and had a wonderful time in Ecuador. We particularly enjoyed our time with you, but we had excellent birding with Santiago and at the Napo Wildlife Centre. Unfortunately the weather was not all that good, and we lost a lot of time through heavy rain in the highlands, as we did with you, but we saw some excellent birds, and hear a lot about Santiago's project with the bears. We are most grateful to you for the time you took with us and your putting up with our general slowness, and we enjoyed your company in particular. We hope to see you here around the time of Bird Fair - let us know what your plans are.

Can you possibly let me have Carmen Bustamente's email address? We want recipes from her. I have found some on the internet, but we'd like hers!

Thanks again for all your time, trouble, help and company

With very best wishes Evelyn

Rose Ebsworth March 2012

Dear Xavier,

Lovely to hear from you! I can just see your charming smile and hear you laugh at our funny stories! Evelyn wrote those first two emails and I would like to add a few words of my own.

Starting with the inexcusible confusion of the camera whereabouts (blame it on the altitude??) you gave us a remarkable and educational introduction to the amazing diversity in Ecuador! We learned so much: trees, plants and, of course, the birds, the food and history of the country. And your heroes who are our heroes, too! The scenery was stunning; it even distracted me from the BIRDS!! Thank you very much for those splendid days with you!

Excellent birds! I loved it all (even huffing and puffing...)
With affection and gratitude, Rose.

David Wilcove, January 2012.

Dear Xavier,

I enjoyed the trip thoroughly and look forward to returning to Ecuador to see more of its amazing birdlife. On that next trip, I would like to spend a little more time trying to lure elusive forest birds (such as antpittas and tapaculos) into view with the tapes.

Thank you again for your hospitality and leadership.

Best wishes and good birding,
David Wilcove
Princeton – New Jersey

Caryn Throop Feb 2012-02-09

Dear Xavier and Mercedes,

Tom and I can hardly believe our good fortune. We had a perfect four days with Sandra and Edwin. We feel extremely lucky. Sandra probably told you that we saw so many condors flying in small groups and one large group of 11. All the beautiful country, the scenery, the wet air, each bird we saw, the plants and lovely flowers, the eating places, the people we met, El Descanso and Rodney--we loved it all. Oh, my, the hummingbirds! And tanagers, and every bird! Thank you so very much.

Caryn Throop