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Average expected number of birds seen during the trip: 450 -500 species Vegetation Types Visited: 7 out of 16 Ecuadorian Vegetation Types Total habitats visited: 7 out of 20 Altitude Range: 900 to 4500 m (2,953 to 14,764 ft) A Top-Ten Bird List by Habitat follows:






Top Ten Highlight Birds

South Ecuadorian


Top Ten Highlight Birds

shrub vegetation
(South From Azuay Ridge)
and Dry scrub vegetation of southernmost Ecuador
(Chinchipe Valley)


Long-tailed mockingbird,
Fasciated Wren

Southern Cordilleras Paramo (Grass, shrub and cushion paramo)

Area (PNP)

Plushcap finch, Gray-breasted mountain-toucan, Chestnut-napped antpitta, Bearded guan, Black-headed hemispingus, Buff-breasted mountain tanager, Red-hooded tanager, Chestnut-breasted chlorophonia

Eastern Cloud forest and Eastern Low montane forest

Loja – Zamora Old Road (PNP Northern Limit)

Paramo seedeater, Mouse-colored thistletail, Rusty-winged barbtail, White-streaked antvireo, Yellow-breasted and Rufous-rumped antwrens, Ecuadorian tyrannulet, Marble-faced bristle-tyrant

Eastern Low montane forest

Bombuscaro Area (PNP)

White-breasted parakeet*, Fasciated tiger-heron, Double-toothed kite, Sickle-winged guan, Rufous-breasted wood-quail, Sunbittern, Maroon-chested ground-dove, Grey potoo, Blackish nightjar, Wire-crested thorntail, Violet-fronted brilliant, Black-mandibled toucan, Amazonian umbrellabird, Black-billed treehunter, Blue-rumped manakin, Coppery-chested jacamar, Highland motmot, Foothill antwren

Dry scrub vegetation of southernmost Ecuador (Chinchipe Valley)

Vilcabamba (PNP Western Limit)

White-tailed jay, Plumbeous backed thrush, Plumbeous rail

Eastern Cloud Forest

Tapichalaca Reserve (PNP Southwestern Limit)

Jocotoco antpitta*, Ocellated tapaculo, White-capped tanager, Orange-banded flycatcher, Masked saltator, Chestnut-crested cotinga, Bearded guan, Chestnut-naped antpitta, Amethyst-throated sunangel, Flame-throated sunangel, Rufous-capped thornbill, Lacrimouse mountain tanager, Pearled treerunner, Streaked tufted check, Chusquea tapaculo

South Ecuadorian shrub vegetation, Dry scrub vegetation of southernmost Ecuador (Chinchipe Valley) and Paramo (Grass, shrub and cushion paramo)

Loja – Cuenca Road (With a short stop at Yunguilla Reserve)

Pale-headed brush-finch*, Andean condor, Crescent-faced antpitta, Amazilia hummingbird, Stripped cuckoo

Eastern Cloud Forest and Eastern Lowland Rain Forest

Gualaceo – Limón Road

Black-and-chestnut eagle, Rainbow-bearded thornbill, Viridian metaltail, Black-backed bush-tanager, Masked mountain tanager, Cinnamon screech-owl, Black-billed and Gray-breasted mountain toucan. Red-faced parrot, Golden-plumed parakeet, Flame-throated sunangel, Sulphur-bellied tyrannulet

South Eastern Cordillera Paramo (Grass, shrub and cushion paramo)

Cajas National Park

Violet-throated metaltail*, Tit-like dacnis, Giant conebill, Andean condor, Sword-billed hummingbird, Andean snipe, Great-horned owl, Grey-breasted mountain-toucan, Blue-mantled thornbill, Rainbow-bearded thornbill, Buff-breasted mountain- tanager, Many-striped canastero, Scarlet-bellied mountain-tanager, Ecuadorian Hillstar, Andean gull

Western Cordillera Cloud Forest

Nono – Tandayapa Road

Brown and Collared inca, Western emerald, Great saphirewing, Dark-backed wood-quail, Scarlet-bellied mountain tanager, Hooded mountain tanager, Golden tanager, Flame faced tanager, Black-winged saltator

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