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Our clients say

Ann Forster

We used to travel with Victor Emanuel a lot and then some with Field Guides. We got so tired of large groups and as we got to be better birders we realized how much good birding time was wasted trying to get 14 people organized. When we went on the VENT trip co-led by Paul Greenfield, Paul told us that Neblina Forest was going to offer birding trips. We wrote you and became some of your first clients. We enjoyed those trips and came to really appreciate that smaller groups could go into places that big groups could not or would not go. Some of the best birds do not live near a five star hotel and restaurant.

The best part is that we consider you, Xavier, Lelis, Solange, and Fabian as some of our dearest friends ever. We love bringing friends down to experience Ecuador and Neblina hospitality.

Love to all, Ann


Dear Xavier and all the Pantanal gang,

I am in the midst of a marathon work session working with Guy and others on the "Mata Atlantica" book, with only short opportunities available for email, but wanted to let you, Xavier, know how much I appreciated all the hard work you did in organizing this trip for us, especially in sorting out those first days in Brasilia and getting us to that great new area outside of the city with the manakin and the jacamar. And I will never forget that glorious view out over the marshlands from the tower looking toward the throngs of herons and ibis at the rookeries.

It was fun being with you all, and the trip was wonderful. Great memories for everyone, including me. May the jaguars and the macaws thrive there forever!

Best wishes,

David Pearson


In July, Alejandro Soleno guided me for nine days in pursuit of as many as possible of the 95 Ecuadorian bird species I have not yet seen. We found 515 bird species on the trip, of which 21 were new ones for me, as well as a pair of Mountain Tapirs walking across the trail only 7 meters from us.
The birding was exciting as it always is in Ecuador, but Alejandro's positive and inquisitive attitude toward general biology together with his phenomenal ability to identify birds by their slightest movements and call notes made this one of the most enjoyable trips I have had there in the last 40 years.
Even though my trip was a logistically complex one from the central coast to Loja and Sumaco, the accommodations, vehicles, and drivers were flawless in their performance. Thank you for your reliability and for providing such qualified and personable guide, drivers and staff. Your company can be proud of its accomplishments in making birding in South America so comfortable and affordable but exciting and fulfilling at the same time.
I look forward to my next trip with you soon. I hope to include more of these new Ecuadorian sites in my next book.

David L Pearson
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-4501

David S. Wilcove, Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Xavier and Jose Antonio, A great trip

I wanted to let you know how much Jacob and I enjoyed our trip to Lago Junin and Bosque Unchog. Victor was extraordinarily capable and helpful; our driver Antonio was excellent; and the local guides Cesar (Lago Junin) and Reyes (Bosque Unchog) were knowledgeable and helpful. Cesar in particular literally dragged me in a kayak through a kilometer or so of mud at Lago Junin to show me the grebe.

"I want to thank Neblina Forest for a fantastic trip to Lago Junin and Bosque Unchog. We saw virtually every bird we hoped to see, thanks to the Neblina team and its network of local guides. I look forward to future trips with Neblina Forest."

David S. Wilcove,
Princeton, New Jersey

Janice Beck

Trip to Colombia Nov 2016

Although I have travelled extensively in Central and Southern America, this was my first trip to Colombia and it far exceeded my expectations The quantity and quality of bird sightings was amazing. The local leaders knowing exactly where to find even the most secretive of birds.

All the lodges were clean and comfortable. Fitted with fans or air conditioning, some with refrigerators. All of the transportation, be it boats, vehicles or domestic flights, was excellent Apart from the birds, the landscape showed us its own beauty. Cliff wall paintings, caves and stone avenues.

Despite birding in the surrounding Countries, I gained approx 75 lifers out of the 340 birds seen.

Keith and Cheryl


More about our Ecuador birding:

We come around the corner and someone exclaims, "OH, WOW!! Look at them!" A swarm of hummingbirds dances at a gallery of feeders festooning shrubs a few yards away. Between jolts of high-octane juice they fuss and chase, squabble and perform aerial duets. They squeak cartoonishly and buzz like angry bees. They fill the afternoon with a presence all out of proportion to their diminutive size.

These hummers are gorgeous and they know it, all flash and dazzle as they zip and zoom, strutting their stuff on this airy fashion runway. The sun strikes fire on gleaming plumage: Glinting violets, purples and lavenders; smoldering bronzes, rubies and umbers; sparkling greens and emeralds. A heart-stopping turquoise.

And they're a squabblesome lot, busy and self-important in the way of the hummingbird tribe. The tiniest hummers seem to be the feistiest. Excepting the fact that they have the moxie to back up their bravado, you might say they suffer from a Napoleon complex. "Hey! Get off my feeder!" a zooming mite seems to say as it strafes a bird three times it size, ripping so close that there's a clatter of wings as the two meet. The larger bird always gives way.

Keith and Cheryl