Neblina Forest Birding Tours

Cuzco Manu



Southern Peru

  • Average expected number of birds seen during the trip: 500 to 530 species.
  • Peruvian Vegetation Types: 3 out of 5.
  • Total habitats visited: 16+.
  • Altitude Range: 34 m to 3400 m (113 ft to 11,155 ft).



Top Ten Highlight Birds

Mountain tall grass and scrub (Puna) and Mountain Rain Forest

Huarcapay Lake to Pillahuata (2800 meters)

Bearded mountaineer*, Rusty-fronted canastero*, Andean ibis, Chestnut-breasted mountain-finch*, Creamy-crested spinetail*

Mountain Rain Forest

Cloud forest lodge (1600 meters)

Peruvian piedtail*, Rufous–webbed brilliant*, Red- and-white antpitta*, Inca flycatcher*, Andean cock-of-the rock at a very close range, Cerulean–capped manakin*, Fulvous Wren*, a new species of tanager* and Cusco brush-finch*.

Tropical Rain Forest

Amazonia Lodge (500 meters)

Fasciated tiger-heron, Blue-headed macaw, Koepcke's hermit*, White-browed hermit*, Rufous-crested coquette, Fine-barred piculet*, Scarlte-hooded barbet*, Bamboo antshrike and Black-backed tody-flycatcher*

Tropical Rain Forest

Manu Wildlife Center

Pavonine quetzal, White-throated jacamar, Rufous-headed woodpecker, Peruvian recurvebill, Ihering's antwren, manu and White-lined Antbirds, Rufous-fronted antthrush, White-cheeked tody-flycatcher*

Mountain tall grass and scrub (Puno)

Cusco-Machu-Picchu ruins

Inca wren*, Green and White hummingbird*, Inca flycatcher* and Masked fruiteater*

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