Neblina Forest Birding Tours

Tumbez Marañon Endemic



  • Average expected number of birds seen during the trip: 250 to 300 species.
  • Peruvian Vegetation Types: 4 out of 5.
  • Total habitats visited: 6.
  • Altitude Range: 34 m to 3085 m (113 ft to 10,124 ft).

Come with us and let us introduce you to the Northern Peru Endemics!



Our Trip Day by Day:

Day 1: Transfer to the Hotel upon your arrival to Lima "Jorge Chávez" Inter national Airport (34 m / 113 ft) Overnight in Lima (108 m / 354 ft.).

Day 2: Early flight to Chiclayo "Capt J. A. Quiñones Gonzales INTL" (Department of Lambayeque's Capital). Birding drive from Chiclayo (3 m / 10 ft) to Olmos (229 m, 751 ft) (selected stops: Rafan, Tupac Amaruc and Santa Rosa) Overnight in Olmos.

Day 3: Early birding at Limon Creek. Then, visit the White-winged guan Breeding Center. Overnight in Olmos.

Day 4: Early birding in the area east of Olmos. Late in the day, birding during the transfer to Jaen (861 m, 2824 ft), through the Abra Porculla scenery. Overnight in Jaen

Day 5: Early morning roadside birding near Jaen. Later in the morning birding drive towards Tamborapa, Huancabamba, and finally Bagua Chica (643 m / 2109 ft). Overnight in Bagua Chica.

Day 6: Early morning birding transfer to Imazita. Overnight in Imazita.

Day 7: Early transfer to Nuevo Salem, the Awaruna's village. Full day birding and interacting with these indigenous people.

Day 8: Full day birding the Nuevo Salem Forest. Late transfer back to Imazita. Overnight in Imazita.

Day 9: Birding transfer from Imazita to Pomacochas (1893 m / 6,210 ft), giving our first attempt to find the Marvelous spatuletail*. Overnight in Pomacochas.

Day 10: Early morning birding close to Pomacochas near the Rio Chido Trail.

Day 11: Full birding day in the very famous Abra Patricia: the only known site for Long-whiskered owlet*. Overnight in Pomacochas.

Day 12: Full birding day beyond Abra Patricia visiting the Alto Mayo Protected Forest. Overnight in Pomacochas.

Day 13: Early birding near Pomacochas at Río Chido. Late morning birding transfer to Leimabamba (2462 m / 8077 ft). Then birding the drive up the Río Utcubamba Valley. Overnight Leimabamba.

Day 14: Early departure for roadside birding on the breathtaking Leimabamba - Balsas Road. Overnight camping in Balsas (1038 m / 3,405 ft) (Campsite).

Day 15: Early birding on the Balsas – Celendin (2988 m / 9,803 ft) Road. Overnight in Celendin.

Day 16: Early departure to historic Cajamarca (Department of Cajamarca's capital), formerly one of the most important Inca Empire cities. Overnight in Cajamarca (2628 m / 8,622 ft).

Day 17: Early flight back to Lima to connect with international flight back home.

Program Extension:

Day 18: Early morning birding at the scrubby habitat beyond the archeological site of Urtusco. Birding the drive south to Huamachuco (3085 m / 10,124 ft). Overnight in Huamachuco.

Day 19: Birding around Aricapamba (2380 m, 7,808 ft). Overnight in Cajamarca.

Day 20: Early flight back to Lima to connect with international flight back home.

Endemic Birds

A Top-Ten Bird List by Habitat follows:



Top Ten Highlight Birds

Deciduous forest and Marshy areas (Coastal desert and Scrub)

Rafan, Tupac Amaruc, Santa Rosa Marshes

Peruvian plantcutter*, Rufous flycatcher*, Peruvian thick-knee, Tawny-throated dotterel, Tumbes tyrant*, West Peruvian dove, Coastal miner* Sulphur-throated finch, Peruvian pygmy-owl, Scarlet-backed woodpecker, Collared antshrike, Tumbesian tyrannulet, Peruvian martin*, Cinnereous finch, White-edged oriole

Deciduous forest (Coastal desert and Scrub)

Limon creek

White-winged guan*, Croacking ground-dove, Red-masked parakeet, West Peruvian screech-owl, Tumbes swift, Tumbes hummingbird, Oasis hummingbird, Ecuadorian piculet, Necklaced spinetail, Tumbes pewee, Tumbes sparrow, Collared warbling-finch,

Deciduous forest (Coastal desert and Scrub)

East Olmos to Jaen

Henna-hooded foliage-gleaner, Ochre-bellied dove, Three-banded warbler, Black-capped sparrow, Piura chat-tyrant, Spot-throated hummingbird, Peruvian meadowlark.

Deciduous forest (Mountain tall grass and scrub), Montane forest

Jaen, Tamborapa, Huancabamba, Bagua Chica,

Marañon crescentchest, Ecuadorian ground-dove, Chinchipe spinetail*, Marañon thornbird, Black-and-white becard, Marañon gnatcatcher*, Drab seedeater, Red-pileated finch, Tataupa tinamou, Marañon slaty-antshrike, Speckled-breasted wren, Buff-bellied tanager, and Marañon spinetail, Little inca-finch*, Chestnut-throated seedeater and Short-tailed field-tyrant

Montane forest, Lowlands rain forest


Blue ground dove, Spot-breasted woodpecker, Inca jay, Ruddy ground-dove, Red-stained woodpecker, Chestnut-winged hookbill, White-lored tyrannulet, Golden-winged tody-tyrant, Coraya wren, Wing-banded wren.

Lowlands rain forest

Nuevo Salem, Awaruna's Village

Orange-throated tanager (INCHITUCH: Awaruna for this extremely rare and localized bird), Black hawk-eagle, Black-bellied cuckoo, Pale-rumped swift, Scaly-breasted woodpecker, Thrush-like antpitta, White-lored antpitta, White-eyed tody-tyrant, Short-tailed pygmy-tyrant (the smallest passerine bird in the world), Pink-throated becard, Chestnut-crowned becard, Striped manakin, Golden-headed manakin, Wing-barred piprities, White-browed purple-tuft, Lemon-chested greenlet, Paradise tanager, Yellow-backed tanager.

Montane forest, Lowlands rain forest


Marvelous Spatuletail*, Pale-billed antpitta*, Large-footed tapaculo*, Plain-breasted hawk, Andean Guan, Purple collared woodstar, Bronzy inca, Emerald toucanet, Rufous-capped antshrike, Subtropical doradito, Mottled-cheeked tyrannulet.

Montane forest, Lowlands rain forest

Abra Patricia

Long-whiskered owlet*, Royal sunangel*, Coppery-naped puffleg*, Ochre-fronted*, Rusty-tinged* and Chestnut antpittas*, Lulu's tody-tyrant*, Peruvian Rufous-vented tapaculo*, Yellow-scarfed tanager*, Bronze-olive pygmy-tyrant, White-capped tanager.

Montane Forest

Alto Mayo Protected Forest

Wire-crested thorntail, Emerald-bellied puffleg, Versicolored barbet, Speckled-chested piculet*, Leimebamba antpitta, Loja tyrannulet, Inca flycatcher*, Scaled and Fiery-throated fruiteater, Amazonian umbrellabird.

Montane forest, Lowlands rain forest

Marañon River - Balsas

Coppery metaltail*, Russet-mantled softail*, Sword-billed hummingbird, Andean flicker, Jelski's chat-tyrant, Superciliaried hemispingus, Marañon pigeon, Yellow-faced parrotlet*, Black-necked woodpecker*, Marañon thrush and Buff-bridled inca-finch*

Montane Forest and Puna vegetation (Mountain tall grass and scrub)


Chestnut-backed thornbird*, Gray-winged inca-finch*, Black-lored yellowthroat, Bare-faced ground-dove.

Montane Forest and Puna vegetation (Mountain tall grass and scrub)


Mountain caracara, Rainbow starfrontlet, Baron's spinetail*, Rufous (Cajamarca) antpitta*, White-browed chat-tyrant, Rufous-webbed tyrant, Black-billed shrike-tyrant, White-winged black-tyrant, Golden-billed saltator, Peruvian sierra-finch, Plain-tailed warbling-finch*,

Montane Forest and Puna vegetation (Mountain tall grass and scrub)

Urtusco, Huamachuco and Aricapamba

Gray-bellied comet*, Great spinetail*, Purple-backed sunbeam*

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