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Average expected number of birds seen during the trip: 450 to 500 species. Vegetation Types Visited: 6 out of 16 Ecuadorian Vegetation Types. Total habitats visited: 13 out of 20. Altitude Range: 298 to 4000 meters (977 to 13,123 feet)


Average expected number of birds seen during the trip: 450 to 500 species. Vegetation Types Visited: 6 out of 16 Ecuadorian Vegetation Types. Total habitats visited: 13 out of 20. Altitude Range: 298 to 4000 meters (977 to 13,123 feet)

A Top-Ten Bird List by Habitat follows:



Top Ten Highlight Birds

Western Cordillera: Cloud Forest and Paramo (Grass, shrub and cushion Paramo)

Yanacocha Reserve

Black breasted puffleg*, Giant Conebill, Ocellated Tapaculo, Imperial snipe, Andean and Sickle-winged Guan, Shining sunbeam, Mountain Velvetbreast, Sword-billed hummingbird, Black-chested mountain tanager.

Western Cordillera: Cloud Forest and Lower Mountain Forest

Nono – Mindo Road

Brown and Collared inca, Western emerald, Great saphirewing, Dark-backed wood-quail, Scarlet-bellied mountain tanager, Hooded mountain tanager, Golden tanager, Flame faced tanager, Black-winged saltator

Coastal Region west of the Andes: Lower Mountain Forest

Tandayapa Valley Bellavista Lodge & Reserve Mindo Valley

Empress brilliant, Violet-tailed sylph, Green-tailed trainbearer, Tawny-bellied hermit, Green fronted lancebill, Purple-throated woodstar, White-bellied woodstar, Green-crowned woodnymph, Plate-billed mountain toucan, Toucan barbet. Fasciated tiger-heron, Velvet-purple coronet, Fawn-breasted brilliant, Giant antpitta, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Club-winged manakin, Toucan Barbet, Blue-winged mountain-tanager, Beryl-spangled tanager, Beautiful jay

Amazonian Region east of the Andes: Lowland rain forest

Coca and Jungle Lodge chosen

Grey-winged trumpeter, Maroon-tailed parakeet, Orange-cheeked parrot, White-eared, White-cheeked and Purplish jacamars, Lemon-throated Barbet, Reddish-winged bare-eye, Cocha antshrike, Orange-crested manakin

Eastern Cordillera: Eastern Cloud Forest and Lower Mountain Forest

Papallacta – Baeza Road

Torrent duck, Sword-billed hummingbird, White-capped dipper, Tyrannine woodcreeper, Greater scythebill, Dusky piha, Red-hooded, White-capped and Golden-crowned tanagers, Rufous-breasted Flycatcher.

Eastern Cordillera: Eastern Cloud Forest

Cabañas San Isidro
Cordillera de Guacamayos

Black-and-chestnut eagle, Rufous-vented whitetip, Moustached and Peruvian antpittas, Bicolored antvireo Oleaginous hemispingus, Chestnut-breasted chlorophonia, White-capped, Yellow throated and Metallic-green tanagers
Highland tinamou, Slate-crowned antpitta, White-bellied antpitta, Striped treehunter, Bicoloured and Broad-winged hawks, Black-and-chestnut eagle, Rufous-bellied nighthawk, Chestnut-breasted coronet, Lemmon browed flycatcher

North Ecuadorian Grassland and "Quebrada" vegetation (Interandean Valleys)


Harris' Hawk, Western Emerald, Black-tailed trainbearer, Giant hummingbird, Vermillion flycatcher, Streak-throated bush tyrant, Spectacled whitestart, Golden-rumped euphonia, Southern yellow grosbeak, Band-tailed seedeater.


Day 1

Transfer to Puembo Birding Garden upon arrival to Quito "Mariscal Sucre" Airport (2400 m / 7,920 ft.)

Day 2

Pick up time: 6 am. Our first stop will be Jocotoco Foundation's Yanacocha Reserve[2] (3400 to 4000 m / 11,155 to 13,123 ft).
Then, bird the Nono[3] – Mindo Road (Starting at 3086 m / 10,127 ft) all the way and into the Tandayapa Valley (1719 m / 5,643 ft). Overnight in Bellavista Lodge[4] (About 2000 m / 6,562 ft).

Day 3

Birding the Bellavista Trails and the dirt road that leads across a ridge, at the edge of the property, and down into the Mindo Valley. Overnight in Bellavista Lodge.

Day 4

Birding the Mindo Valley (1525 meters / 5,006 feet) or Sacha Tamia Lodge [5]and its premises (About 1700 m / 5,577 ft).

Day 5

Birding Pedro Vicente Maldonado (588 m / 1929 ft) and the patches of Choco Forest[6] in this area. Overnight in Mindo.

Day 6

Early transfer from Mindo to Quito. During the drive, bird the road sides looking for the elusives of our second day. Overnight at Puembo Birding Garden.

Day 7

Mid morning flight to Coca (Puerto Francisco de Orellana: 298 m / 977 feet) for the Amazon portion of the trip.
Then take the connection to Napo Wildlife Center[7], Sacha Lodge[8] or La Selva Jungle Lodge[9]. Either of these will be your final destination today.

Day 8 to 10

Bird the forest around the lodge and enjoy the rich biodiversity, parrot lek, observation tower, river islands and oxbow lakes.

Day 11

Start your day riding a motor canoe back to Coca, which connects with the mid morning flight to Quito. Overnight in Quito (Hotel Sebastian).

Day 12

Pick up time: 6 am. Bird the drive to Papallacta (3071 m / 10,078 ft).
Overnight in Termas de Papallacta[10], a mountain resort and spa. There, after an intense day of birding, a series of natural hot spring water pools will welcome you.

Day 13

Bird the eastern slope of the Andes while driving from Papallacta down to Baeza (1796 m / 5,892 ft) and Cosanga (2,075 m / 6,807 ft). Overnight at San Isidro Lodge

Day 14

Bird the Guacamayos's Cordillera[12]. Then drive back to Quito. Farewell dinner at El Galpón Museum and Folk Store. Overnight at Puembo Birding Garden.

Day 15

Transfer to flight back home.

Include/Not include

Price Includes:

  • All transfers to and from airports and hotels
  • All accommodations throughout
  • All box lunches
  • Private transportation and driver
  • Specialized birding guide
  • Meals while at lodges
  • Flight to and from Coca

Price Includes:


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